The INSTITUTE was founded in August 2017 as a continuation of the work of its founder and chairwoman, Alena Vitaskova MSc, who spent more than forty years working in the power-gas sector in significant managerial functions at companies of both domestic and European influence. She was a successful entrepreneur in the gas sector for several years and played a crucial role in the liberalisation of the gas market in the Czech Republic. She also co-founded several successful energy companies. She has received a number of awards for her managerial work as well as her contribution to charity, which she had been doing consistently throughout her carreer. The awards include the Order of Queen Eliska Premyslovna for remarkable Czech women.

For the past six years, Alena Vitaskova’s worked in the public sector as a chairwoman of the Energy Regulatory Office. It was her who pointed out the fact that public finance is being embezzled by requesting „unusually high subsidies to support renewable resources such as photovoltaic power plants.“ Furthermore, she managed to prevent other large-scale and unwarranted subsidies which made her inconvenient to the system and she was persecuted as a result. She authored several books including Na prahu vězení (On the Threshold of Prison), Solární baroni I – Organizovaný zločin (The Solar Barons I – Organized Crime), Solární baroni II – Příprava mé vraždy (The Solar Barons II – Scheming of My Murder).

Alena Vitaskova is supported by the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, who saluted her book launch.
Alena Vitaskova dedicated her entire professional life to the betterment of her country, focusing especially on its citizens. This strong feeling of empathy for others ultimately led her to found an Institute whose primary mission is to protect and promote human rights and freedoms.

Institute’s Policy

The protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms is perceived differently in the society. The Institute therefore divided its activity into two basic sections:

Section 1: Protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms in the Czech Republic

Section 2: Protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms worldwide

Section 1: Protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms in the Czech Republic

  • The first section deals with the miscarriages of justice experienced by a plethora of decent citizens of the Czech Republic, where the misconduct of justice is legally protected in an absurd way, according to which those responsible for the misconduct bear almost no responsibility for the errors they make on the way. The law should be impartial and everyone should have a right to a fair trial; sadly, this is often not the case. The responsible politicians close their eyes to the magnitude of how malicious prosecution interferes with the life of a decent citizen. Even in the best-case scenarios where the wrongfully accused are exonerated in the end, the individuals and their families had already been affected so adversely that there’s usually no way back. These cases often end with a serious disease and even death.
  • One of the main objectives of the Institute of Alena Vitaskova is taking care of those whose reputation and lives were ruined due to wrongful accusations. We do that by striving for the affected individuals and their families to be accordingly compensated. Only when we’re able to put our own house in order are we allowed to criticise how the human rights and freedoms are protected abroad.

Section 2: Protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms worldwide

  • The second section deals with what people around the world have the right to. This includes a healthy environment that is vital for life on Earth, air, water, access to affordable and safe energy by fighting energy poverty, peace, gender equality, right to homeland, national identity and religion.

The second section addresses global issues. In 2015 the First Eurasian Women’s Forum, hosting over 80 countries, was held in St Petersburg. The Forum resulted in adopting a final document, where the participants of the Forum underlined the necessity of peace and security. The Institute of Alena Vitaskova supports their conclusions and suggests that we should also aim for international cooperation to deal with energy security and poverty globally, and to make absolutely sure that water and safe energy be available to all. Further goals of this section include global discussions and projects focusing on the topics of water, energy, gas and heating industries. The individual projects will be launched successively. According to the amount of workload needed for the projects, individual subsidiaries will be set up throughout the world.


  • The activities of both sections will be attended by experts from the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Support from various companies from the energy, gas, heating and water industries
  • The projects will be controlled by an international management committee
  • Collaboration with international institutions
  • Co-operation with the Eurasian Women’s Forum and enforcement of their views