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Alena Vitásková

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to the re-elected President, Mr. Miloš Zeman

supporters, favourers and friends of the Alena Vitásková Institute

send a salute to the president

with a wish for solid health, optimism and constant love for our nation,

constant support of Czech people and a strong belief in a better future.

voters from Ostrava support this felicitation

Debate and autograph session in Lysá nad Labem

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Chair of the Institute, Alena Vitásková, attended a Christmas book fair in Lysá nad Labem this Saturday. New book from the trilogy raised again enormous interest.

Throughout the event, an interesting debate has emerged on the issue of renewable resources. Down below you can find a fitting gloss: „Did Czech republic save or devaluate investments to power industry?“ written by Alena Vitásková


Zdeněk Jemelík’s article for Security Magazine

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Zdeněk Jemelík on November 16 published an article “The Case of Vitásková: A Message from the Deck of the Titanic” at the page of online media Security Magazine. The article describes both the Chair’s autograph session in Ostrava, her literary work and criminal prosecution. Link to the article available only in czech language: